The GM Diet – 3rd time champion

SO you’ve come looking for some info on the GM diet and whether it actually works? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

I first chose to do the GM diet with my mum a week and a half before my birthday this year. In total I lost 4.5kg while my mum lost 3kg. Pretty impressive. I came out of it feeling fabulous and thin, and I looked really good on my birthday. My mum however wasn’t feeling the best by the end of it and has never done it again (I think part of this had something to do with the fact that I lost more weight than she did).

One thing I might point out – and almost everyone knows this but chooses not to believe it – is that these drastic weight loss diets don’t promote permanent weight loss; just instant weight loss. Each time I’ve done the diet I have eventually gained the weight back because I didn’t permanently alter my eating habits to maintain the lifestyle I had for a week during the GM diet (i.e. I’m a teen and I binge eat and drink).

Day 1 was the hardest day, but looking back, it was probably the best day in terms of food. Fruit (they recommend as much melon as you can eat) is so easy to eat and quick to prepare. The only thing that sucks is by the end of the day all you can think about is food other than fruit. Me personally, all I wanted was a dim sim with some soy sauce and it was all I thought about until day two.

I found that each time I’ve done the GM diet, I’ve lost a significant amount of weight by day three (fruit and vegetable day). Now, after doing the diet three times, I can confidently end the diet after day three if I’m over it as I like to avoid tomato and beef day, and also because I know the weight loss slows down a little after you stop eating just fruit and vegetables.

The second time I did the diet was about 4 weeks after my first round, so it didn’t work nearly as effectively as it did initially, however three months on I’ve done it a third time and I’m seeing the same results as the first time round.

All in all, if you’re reading this to find out whether the diet works I say yes – it works. You are supposed to lose a significant amount of weight in a week. Is it good for you? I’m no professional but I don’t think dropping that amount of weight in a week is healthy, so no. But hey! You’ve gotta try everything once (or in my case three times).



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